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Need some help financing your next vehicle? Talk to John!

It should go without saying, but car shopping experience should be fun, especially with so many attractive vehicles for sale around the greater Brandon, MS area. However, we realize that for folks with less-than-perfect credit, or no credit history at all, it can feel as though the car shopping experience is over before it even starts. It seems all too common these days for drivers to be faced with inflexible financing from lenders, leaving them with little recourse when it comes to getting a quality car. Now, we understand that not everyone has perfect credit, and having a reliable means of transportation here in the greater Brandon, MS area simply isn't optional. Luckily, we have a simple solution to get you the car loan you need to get behind the wheel: JUST TALK TO JOHN!

Now, you may be asking yourself, "Just who is this John character and how can he help me get the car I need?" Well folks, if your credit situation is less than optimal, John is the guy you need to know. As the premier Lender Relations specialist in the area, John has worked with people from all walks of life and credit backgrounds across Mississippi, helping them to secure competitive deals on auto loans and financing agreements. It's John's job to help folks to re-establish their credit after it's taken a hit, and with all our many satisfied customers he's helped, it's a job he does quite well.

Talk to John to get access to a competitive selection of lenders, no matter your credit situation!

As we mentioned before, John works with customers from all over Mississippi, no matter their credit history, but that's far from all he does. In addition, John works as liaison to a vast network of lenders around the area, including:

  • Ally
  • ACC
  • CPS
  • CMCC
  • Global Lending Services
  • Exeter
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Chase Custom
  • Chase Prime
  • Crescent Band & Trust
  • Fidelity Bank
  • First Investors
  • Flagship Credit
  • GM Financial
  • Gateway One
  • Hancock Bank
  • Prestige
  • Regional Acceptance
  • Regions
  • Santander
  • TD Auto
  • US Bank
  • Westlake Financial services

With a comprehensive array of lenders to choose from, John can easily help you to secure the a car loan to fit your budgetary needs, allowing you the freedom to purchase your car, truck, or SUV of choice and start building up your credit.

Inquire about your options online, or give John a call today!

Now, we could go on and on about how you can secure a car loan, no matter your credit background, but frankly, talk is cheap. So, give us a chance to show you why so drivers across the greater Brandon, MS area credit John with helping them to get the car loan they needed, get behind the wheel, and start building up their credit. Feel free to explore our website and check out our online payment calculator and financing application form to get the ball rolling. Of course, if you'd like a bit more hands-on help understanding your next steps, John will be only too happy to oblige you in that regard. Feel free to call John directly at (601) 825-JOHN(5646) to speak to the man, the myth, the car financing legend himself, and see how you can get a great deal on a car loan today!